Server changed again

Due to too many timeout issues and errors, I have to change this site from Windows IIS to Ubuntu LAMP.

PHP on Windows is really painful.

Change the host mode again

I’ve just change this site from VM based Windows Azure into a Web site based mode to mitigate the jobs for maintenance.

It still slow and not stable as predictable.

Azure service is really not good, especially for PHP+MySQL.

Server Migrated

I’ve migrated this site from my server in Japan to a Windows Azure hosted server in Hong Kong. OS of server has also been changed from CentOS to Windows. Hope it works well.

Theme is changed coz the old one is not compatible with IIS…

Update: New server (Windows Azure A1) is really really slower than the previous one hosted by Linode.

Update 2: Sometimes, Windows Server 2012 R2 is not responded. None of network connection can be made, including RDP and HTTP.  Azure says it’s still running. After a manually reboot, get lots of network related errors in event log like:

The VM and host networking components failed to negotiate protocol version ‘5.0’
The VM and host networking components successfully negotiated protocol version ‘4.0’
Miniport NIC ‘Microsoft Hyper-V Network Adapter #4’ connected
The miniport ‘Microsoft Hyper-V Network Adapter #4’ was successfully initialized
Miniport NIC ‘Microsoft Hyper-V Network Adapter #4’ restarted

BTSync supports GEODE cpu now

The new released version of BitTorrent Sync (1.3.80) can be run at GEODE cpu now. Hurray!

Drobo 5D is not trustworthy

By believing the ad from Drobo, I brought a Drobo 5D June 2013. I installed a Plextor PX-128M5M as an SSD Cache and 5 WD30EFRX for storing with 2 disks redundancy. For using with OSX, I format it with HFS+ in Drobo Dashboard.

After 2 weeks, it’s failed. The partition cannot be mounted, neither fixed by OSX. After checked by engineer from DiskWarrior, I know the partition is too severely damaged and not possible to recover. I contact the support of Drobo. After 45 days waiting, I get the respond. The problem is partition-related (offset) and should be fixed by firmware 3.0.5. But the my Drobo 5D is shipped with firmware 3.0.7. Finally, the Drobo says there is no way to repo in the lab, and I lost all my home videos for 5 years.

For preventing this issue again, I rebuilt the partition and sent the log to Drobo engineer. After checking the log, the engineer confirmed it’s looks great now.

But, it’s failed again after 2 months. Same behavior, same problem confirmed by DiskWarrior. The funny thing is the support engineer from Drobo. After I submit the ticket again, first response is:

“Western Digital has emailed customers warning them about possible data loss issues between external hard drives and the latest version of Apple’s Mac software, OS X Mavericks (10.9).” taken from this article below:

On another note, not sure whether it is related, your mSATA card may not be entirely compatible, it is not found from the list shown here:

Should I worry about WD software? I guess not. for mSATA SSD cache thing, the PX-128M5M removed from the supported list, without any explanation, and not be put in to incompatible list either. It’s just gone.

After I tell the support I didn’t use WD software but Drobo Dashboard and prove the PX-128M5M WAS on the compatible list by searching mirroring sites, Drobo does like before, just ignore you and do not reply any more.

Now, this Drobo 5D is on my shelf to warn me and my friend: NEVER BUY THE DROBO PRODUCTS.

Merry Christmas


Sonar X3 Crash on Exporting

Sonar X3 (X3a, X3b) will crash on exporting wave file on Windows 8.1.

Remember to upgrade to X3c. It can be get from here for free.