IIS FTP Bug on Listing Virtual Directories

Some virtual directories are added to my FTP server. But even virtual directories listing option is enabled, these folder still not been seen.
I can use CWD to go into that virtual folder, but cannot see it.
I’ve tried to restart IIS and the whole server.

Normal Steps for Minimal Setup CentOS 6 on ESXi

1 Create a new VM as you wish. Install CentOS6 with minimal configuration. After installation, shutdown the VM.

shutdown –h now

2 Add a new E1000 network interface card (eth1 in this article, if not, change all related steps below).

3 Boot and login.

4 Setup a temporary network:

ifconfig eth1 <temporary ip> netmask <netmask> up
route add default gw <gateway>

  • if HTTP proxy is required: edit the yum configuration file.

vi /etc/yum.conf

and add these lines:

# The proxy server – proxy server:port number
# The account details for yum connections

  • if HTTP proxy is NOT required: edit DNS configuration file. See step 13.
  • if Route is required: edit route configuration file. See step 14.

5 Install perl, and update system.

yum install perl
yum update

6 Shutdown.

shutdown –h now

7 Remove the E1000 network interface card, which was inserted in step 2.

8 Boot and login.

9 Insert VMware Tools CD.

10 Install VMware Tools, and reboot. (NOTE: you may need to do this step every time after system update)

cd /
mount /dev/cdrom /media
tar –zvxf /media/VM*
cd vmware-tools-distrib/

follow the instructions on your screen.

umount /media

11 Wait for reboot and login.

12 Setup eth0

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

and add these lines:


  • if DHCP is enabled:


  • if static IP is preferred:


13 Setup DNS.

vi /etc/resolv.conf

and add these lines:

nameserver <1st DNS IP>
nameserver <2nd DNS IP>
domain <domain name> #your domain name, optional

14 Setup route.

vi /etc/sysconfig/network

and add these lines:

GATEWAY=<Gateway IP>

15 Reboot.


16 Disable SELINUX if you don’t like it.

vi /etc/sysconfig/selinux

find the line start with SELINUX=, and set it to disabled.


Sharepoint Database Permission

If you wanna deploy Sharepoint 2010 with a SqlServer 2008 R2 ON ANOTHER SERVER, make sure that the domain account which will be used as Sharepoint Service has the dbcreator and securityadmin permission in the target SqlServer.

If securityadmin is not selected, you may have trouble to setup a search service application. All you need is delete the deployed search service application, add permission to SqlServer and re-create a new search service application.

What’s the problem?

Text Service Key Sequences

Check this screen record first.

key sequence of ime

I don’t know the reason why some are restored to previous settings after I press Apply.

Windows Live Messenger Error 8100030d

When you get this error, you may need to delete your cache of WLM.

For XP users,?delete these folders:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\Your Windows logon name\Contacts\Your Messenger e-mail address
  • C:\Documents and Settings\Your Windows logon name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\Your Messenger email address

For Vista/Win7 users, delete these folders:

  • C:\Users\Your Windows logon name\Contacts\Your Messenger e-mail address
  • C:\Users\Your Windows logon name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\Your Messenger e-mail address

You may need to shutdown your WLM completely and some services like wlcomm.exe by Task Manager.

ProjectServer 2007 安装助记

安装ProjectServer 2007时应注意:
1 如果安装的ProjectServer与操作系统的语言版本不同,需将操作系统的区域、语言等相关设置修改为与ProjectServer语言版本相同,否则PWA配置会出错(错误为某数据库唯一键错误)。
2 在安装成功后,如只有本机可以访问而外部访问均提示“发生意外错误”,请操作以下步骤:
a.进入SharePoint 3.0管理中心,左侧选择“操作”;

64bit world, without windows phone sync

From Office 2010, native x64 version is included. The funny thing is, if you install an x64 version of Outlook into your windows, no matter windows xp (x64), vista (x64) or win7(x64), you just cannot synchronize the data between Outlook and your windows phones.

It seems that ActiveSync(xp) and Windows Mobile Device Center(vista and win7) cannot recognize the x64 version of Outlook. And, the x64 version Outlook cannot be installed on the operation system which contains any x86 office components.

If you need to sync your windows phones with outlook, you have to install the 32bit office.