Site moved back to Linux, again.

That’s the second time, lol. People fails in the same way huh?

I have used Azure Web Apps (on IIS) to host this website for more than 1 year and it turns out it is not good enough to run WordPress.

In the last year, the site was running in a very low speed. You may not observe it due to cache plugin, but I have to face it when publishing anything. The response time is around 20-60 secs for every process, proven by the chart displayed on the portal of Azure.

I also tried to use the Linux version of WordPress published officially using Azure Web Apps (on Nginx I guess). It’s faster, but still not fast enough, and the most critical is that’s not stable. Due to something unknown, it keep rolling config file back to the last version.

Finally, I decided to move all sites back to Nginx on Linux server without any SaaS solution. If you are facing this problem or want to host WordPress on Azure, you should consider to use a Linux server yourself instead of those official packages.

On more thing, there is another site powered by ShortUrl on the same web app, which need more time to move due to ShortUrl is built on DotNet Framework and is not able to run on Linux. My friend and I are rebuilt this program on DotNet Core 3 and it will be published on Github later.

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