Virus remove manually (

There is a virus appeared recently which set your homepage of IE to frequently.

Now I provide a way to get you out of the trap. (Windows XP/2003/2003 R2/Vista/2008/7/2008 R2)

1 Navigate to the system32 folder of your windows system.
2 Get all files in that folder which like “mshtml??.dll”. You may find several files.
3 Check these files one by one. You can just submit file to?virustotal to check. Remember the file name which contains a virus.
4 Kill explorer.exe process by using Task Manager or some other tool.
5 Unregister that virus by running command: “regsvr32.dll /u mshtmlXX.dll” (without quote mark, and the file name is the same as the found one in step 3.)
6 Delete mshtmlXX.dll. If you cannot delete it (access denied), you can move that file into another folder (like the root of the driver which contains your operation system).
7 Restart computer.
8 Delete the file from your target folder if you cannot delete it in step 6.

Good luck.

By the register information of (provided by, the owner of that site named Liu Yan (zh: 柳严). The register number is Shanghai-ICP-Reg-09032544(zh: ICP备09032544号).
This virus is coded by VB and activated by the context menu of explorer.exe. I dunno how my computer was infected.

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