Error “Host Already Presented” shown while running Add-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstance

Special thanks to Iris Sakura.


Problem: If you remove one SharePoint server from Central Administration site, some information will be left in farm database. While adding a server with the same name back to farm, the Distributed Cache service may not able to start.

Fix: On the new installed server

  1. Open C:\Program Files\AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server\DistributedCacheService.exe.config with a notepad or other text editor with administrator permission.
  2. Nav to configuration – dataCacheConfig – clusterConfig, remember the provider and connectionString.
  3. Start PowerShell.
  4. Run Add-CacheHost -ProviderType xxx -ConnectionString yyy
    xxx is the provider gotten from step 2 and yyy is connectionString.
  5. Run Unregister-CacheHost
  6. Run Remove-CacheHost

You are ready to re-run the Add-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstance now.

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