Testing ZeroShell in enterprise


ZeroShell 3 is launched recently, including many new features. I was a fan of this router software for several years and it works like a charm in my Net5501. Now I’m trying to introduce it to the company which I work for.

I deploy this software twice in my company. One is for a virtualization desktops, powered by QoS. This is quite necessary for a network which contains more than 100 clients for internet accessing.

Another one is for all mobiles and pads, powered by Captive Portal. But this function doesn’t work like predicted. Mobiles which joined this network by AP will not pop up a login page automatically. In some restaurants and hotels, after a device joined a network, a web page will be pop up automatically for login, but this function is still missing in this release of ZeroShell.

One more defect is about DHCP server. User defined options are not supported yet.


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