Zevera may NOT be a good choice

For downloading from multiple file hosts, I tried Zevera for a short while.

It’s failed to deal with the URL including encoded characters. For others, it acts quite slow (1~10KB/sec) to my home. I know each software and website has its limitation and I don’t plan to blame Zevera at the beginning.

I googled to try to get a refund after my test. Why I have to google for that? Coz there is no link on their page for refunding and the link provided from the support forum is wrong. Here is the policy I got: http://api.zevera.com/RefundPolicy.aspx.

If you are not satisfied with your premium account you can request a refund in the first 5 days if you haven’t downloaded more than 8 GB or more than 10 different files.

At the moment I emailed them, it’s just 2 hours passed from my payment, and no more than 5 files nor 500MB data is downloaded. Since the day I write this, after 7 days, no response, no refund, nothing.

After 3 days, I mail them to get a support about refund and provide a link that cannot be downloaded. The sad thing is after the mail sent, the host of that link died. One day later, the response of that email is the link is dead and “Your refund request cannot be approved at this time.” Yes, you get it, as they said “if you are not satisfied” is not a reason acceptable at all. I replied the mail with another link with encoded characters in URL, no response again.

If you find there is something wrong and prove to them, they will just ignore you. If you want a refund with your problem, they will not accept that.

How many people in the same boat? I don’t know. Because talking about refund in official forum is not allowed. “REFUND REQUEST – All topics with refund request will be deleted!” as they said.

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