IIS FTP Bug on Listing Virtual Directories

Some virtual directories are added to my FTP server. But even virtual directories listing option is enabled, these folder still not been seen.
I can use CWD to go into that virtual folder, but cannot see it.
I’ve tried to restart IIS and the whole server.

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  1. Daniel says:

    This is not a bug. To make your virtual directories visible try the following. Create empty folders under your ftproot directory with exact the same name as you has chosen for your virtual directories.

    What’s happen:
    1. You will see the directories
    2. You can CD into a directory and will be inside your virtual one.

    Thanks for the tipp “Use MBR disk in ESXi 5”!


  2. Allen says:

    I’ve tried that. But after the virtual directory added, the original and the virtual one will not be displayed.

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