Chorus is an easy way to help all your components to communicate with each other in your software project (dotNet 4).

Local mode version is the first version of Chorus. In future, network mode and load balance mode versions will be published.


Framework / Framework with Demo (c# 4.0)

Help (MsHelpViewer) / User Manual (Simplified Chinese)

Invoke Helper: Make it easier with creating subscribers for UI updating job, by calling Invoke method internally.

I need a help to translate the user manual from simplified Chinese to English.

It’s allowed for everyone to use the framework binary package for free with the text “Powererd by Chorus” (hyperlink included) shown in your about/help page.



November 5th, 2011:

Invoke Helper added.

May 10th, 2011:

Performance optimized. Chorus will require little more memory but run much faster.

Document(pdf) error fixed.

No interface / flow changed. You don’t need to adjust your code. Just download the new version and enjoy it.


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