Remote Agency

Welcome to the Remote Agency

Remote Agency is built for making the communicating among components in different computers easier.

Remote Agency can create proxy objects based on one interface file which should be implemented by a remote class, and serializing the accessing between the proxy and the real service object.

For connecting Remote Agency sites, use Remote Hub.

Released Packages

SecretNest.RemoteAgency – Main library.

SecretNest.RemoteAgency.Base – Base classes, interfaces and attributes of Remote Agency.

SecretNest.RemoteAgency.DataContractSerializer – Using DataContractSerializer as serialization solution in Remote Agency.

SecretNest.RemoteAgency.DataContractSerializer.EasyEncapsulation – Encapsulation including DataContractSerializer and RemoteAgency.



Issues, Requests and Source Code

Issues and requests tracking are hosted at Github, source code of all libraries licensed under MIT as well.


SecretNest.RemoteAgency packages are licensed under MIT. You can copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially. Source code is available at Github.


You are very welcome to donate me using Bitcoin (Wallet: 1CS4DL9pzMGoUiU6ibB1dMNn9VqhYnLkar).

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