If you choose Hong Kong Express, you will not be able to schedule other trips on the same day due to the early departure time.

The Karry Kanko bus departs from the ferry port in 20 and 50 minute every hour and takes 30 minutes to the airport. The “East Transportation Co., Ltd.” bus has a higher density and takes 40 minutes to reach the airport from terminal.

UO813 will open the counter at 9:15, open security at 10:15, close the counter at 10:45, take off at 11:45.

After checking in at the counter, if time permits, you can leave the International Hall and go to the Domestic Hall on the right. Next to the ANA counter, through a corridor, there will be an elevator to take you to the roof of the departure hall, where you can overlook the airport and draw a conclusion to the trip.

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