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Yonaguni is located at the western end of Japan. Here are the westernmost point monument and the last sunset spots in Japan. For all traffic information related to that country, please refer to this website.

From Ishigaki to Yonaguni, you can choose by ship or airplane. The ship takes 4 hours and 30 minutes and is susceptible to weather. If you want to dive or need to spend overnight in Yonaguni, you can choose to go there by ship. Otherwise, aircraft is my recommendation. There is no diving plan included in this article. If you need to arrange a dive, please adjust this guide and stay overnight.

Fukuyama Shipping (福山海運 in Japanese) provides ship between Ishigaki and Yonaguni, twice a week. Schedule are listed on its website. In particular, its boarding position is opposite the ferry terminal. The ticket purchase time is 8:00-9:30 am on the day of the ship. The previous price was 3550 yen for one way and 6750 yen for round trip. I don’t know whether the price is changed or not. The travel time is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

RAC, sub brand of JAL, provides the commuter flight between Ishigaki (New Ishigaki Airport, 新石垣空港 in Japanese) and Yonaguni (Yonaguni Airport, 与那国空港 in Japanese). The schedule time is different based on day specified. You can check and buy tickets through Navitime Travel. It seems that JCB credit card is the only supported paying method. You could also buy ticket from JAL counters. The one-way fare is about 13650 yen including service fee. The flight time is 25 minutes.

The flight schedule varies from day to day. It is recommended to fly to Yonaguni at 10:10 am and return at 18:40 on the same day. Please find a day with this flight schedule available, book your flights early and pray for the weather for the day. To purchase domestic airline tickets, you need the passenger name, gender and age. After purchasing and paying, you will receive a reservation code for each flight and a confirmation code for each passenger. Please save them properly.

After that, a taxi charter is also required to book. There is only one taxi company in Yonaguni, and there are very few taxis. You need to make a reservation by phone in advance, the number is 0980-87-2441, please refer to this website. The chartered taxi should start from the 立神岩展望台 at 16:20 pm that day, and the final destination was the airport 与那国空港. If your Japanese language is not good, may be you want to ask a friend who is good at Japanese to make that call. The charter fee is 7760 yen for 2 hours. Similarly, the taxi company will also wonder how you can get to the that place called 立神岩展望台, you can tell you that you will walk there. You can also choose to rent a car, but it is not recommended, considering the difficulty of driving here (animals everywhere) and the tightness of the last trip period.

  • On the day, please take the bus to the airport in the morning. The deadline to redeem the boarding pass for the Japanese domestic line RAC/JAL is 20 minutes before departure. If you are departing from the bus terminal, you can choose the one departs at 8:30. Once you arrive at the airport’s domestic departure hall, please go to the JAL counter (on the right side) and present your reservation code and confirmation code to redeem your boarding pass. The Japanese domestic line allows drinks bring in. You may want to buy water at the airport. Since we have chosen a commuter flight, there will be no food and beverage service on board.

  • After getting off the plane, you can go to the red box area, which is your taxi company. You can confirm your book again there. Then take a break near the airport. There is a staircase on the left side of the airport to the airport observatory. Please arrive at the position pointed by green arrow before 11:38 and wait for the bus.

  • After the bus arrives, please tell the driver that you are going to the “ナンタ浜” station. You will be there at 11:44. After getting off the bus, you can go to the Shrine called 十山神社 and then have lunch nearby.

There are not many shops that operate lunch. You can try the one called “ビヤガーデン国境”. Take an elevator to their place and enjoy the food.

  • After lunch, you can go to the post office named 与那国郵便局. Of course, it is not opened on Sundays. It is a pity that I did not find any postcard about the westernmost point of Japan there. After selecting the postcard with the postbox style, I was told that this cannot send oversea without an envelope. Then head to the Harbour called 祖納港, marked SONAI on the map, to enjoy the sea breeze.

  • Walking from SONAI to DiDi Yonaguni Communication Hall, DiDi与那国交流館 in Japanese, takes 12 minutes to go uphill the 900 meters way. Please arrive at DiDi before 13:45. Before you arrive, you will pass the roadside drink vending machine. Please take this last chance to replenish your drinking water. DiDi has a free toilet on the outside. The hall charges 200 yen. The history of the island and video of cultural events are exhibited there.

  • It is recommended to leave DiDi no later than 14:10 and head northeast to the Agarizaki Observatory (東崎展望台) and the Agarizaki Lighthouse (東崎灯台). Please note that Google’s navigation is incorrect. Please follow the way with red arrow.

  • It takes about 50 minutes and 3.6km from DiDi. Uphill and downhill is common here and some areas may have strong winds during the strong wind season. In East Ranch, there may be cattle occupying the road, please pay attention to them. It will pass through the landmarks named ダティクチデイ along the way, but it has been designated as a discharge area by cattle.

This structure marks the boundary of pasture. Drivers needs to pay attention to avoiding animals inside.

From the Agarizaki Lighthouse Parking Lot (red arrow marked in the map above) to the Agarizaki Observatory and the Agarizaki Lighthouse, the road was occupied by the horse and it was not in good condition. Please be careful to avoid excrement. The toilet here has also been occupied by horses.

  • 15:35 Returning to the parking lot of Agarizaki Lighthouse Parking Lot before this time. Go southwest along the road, 1.5km, about 20 minutes, the road contains uphill and downhill.
  • 15:55 サンニヌ台: Here you can shoot warship rock (軍艦岩).

  • 16:00 Continue to southwest, 550m uphill, about 10 minutes.

  • 16:10 Tategami Iwa Observatory (立神岩展望台): Here you can shoot the Tategami Iwa (立神岩) and wait for Taxi.

  • Please note the driver of the taxi where we planed to go:


  • 16:20 Go to Dr.コトー診療所(志木那島診療所). It will take 10 minutes from 立神岩展望台.
  • 16:30 Dr.コトー診療所(志木那島診療所): This is the shooting scene of the TV series of “Great Doctor of Small Island”. Check Wikipedia for details. Ticket price is 300 yen. There is a tablet with a god name on the left side of the building, you could check it out.

  • 16:45 Go to カタブル浜. It will take 5 minus from Dr.コトー診療所(志木那島診療所).
  • 16:50 カタブル浜: This is a typical Japanese island waterfront. Take a breath of sea breeze along the dam.

  • 17:05 Depart to the westernmost point of Japan (日本最西端), passing the South Ranch (南牧場). There are a lot of horses in the South Ranch. You can get off the car and take pictures.

The friendly taxi driver will drive following you slowly. When you are tired, you will get on the taxi and continue. Regardless of shooting, the journey takes 8 minutes.

  • 17:20 The westernmost point of Japan. Here are lighthouse, monument and observation deck.

  • 17:35 Go to the hill for seeing last sunset in Japan (日本最後の夕日が見える丘). It will take 10 minutes from the westernmost point of Japan.
  • 17:45 The hill for seeing last sunset in Japan (日本最後の夕日が見える丘): Shooting sunset. Sunset time could be checked on this website. Of course, you also need a suitable weather. Note: This tour is only available for November and December. If the sunset time is later than 18:10, there is no time to capture the whole process of the sunset.

  • 18:10 Run back to taxi (1 minute). Go to airport 与那国空港 ASAP (7 minutes).
  • 18:18 Enter the airport to redeem your boarding pass. It is a very small the airport and sometimes it will not strictly enforce the 20-minute deadline for redemption, but don’t delay too much. Due to time constraints, please prepare the cash for taxi or pay in advance.
  • 18:40 Flight departs.
  • 19:10 Flight lands.

It is recommended dining at the airport and go to Don Quixote (ドン・キホーテ) by bus for shopping. Please pay attention to the last bus time listed on the stop sign when you get off the bus.

There are no diving arrangements or mountain hiking in this plan. If you need so, you have to spend the night here. Mountaineering can follow the red route. One of the diving spot is at the south of the map above, marked with Yonaguni Monument. You can refer to Wikipedia.

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