Ishigaki, Yaeyama (November 2019)

Ishigaki Yaeyama 8 days deep free travel

This is a travelogue covering the main attractions of Ishigaki City (including the northernmost lamp stand) and the main islands of Yaeyama (Kuroshima, Taketomi Island, Kohama Island, Iriomotejima, Yubu Island, Hateruma and Yonaguni). I hope this article can help you plan to travel to Ishigaki City and Yaeyama.

Usually, I post only pictures after travel without any word. In the planning and implementing of this vacation, I found it is very hard and too many issues need to be considered due to the traffic limitation including bus, taxi and ferry, and the environmental factors. By writing this article, I hope you can enjoy easier than me.

This piece of work is based on the 8 days travel time, starting from Hong Kong. The group size should be 2-4 persons. All involved attractions and prices listed are actually inspected by me in November 2019.

Both English and Chinese versions, which are identical, are provided.

This article has not received commercial sponsorship from any company. All involved with the product and the company, did not provide any form of sponsorship to me.

Please navigate to Ishigaki, Yaeyama – Trip Guide (English Version).
Or, check the pictures (page 1 / page 2) taken by me.







请移步访问:石垣与八重山的旅行计划(中文版 / Chinese Version)
或者,查看我拍摄的旅行照片(第一页 / 第二页)。

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