A bash script for copying data from SD card

When I hang out, GoPro and drone is usually taken. Sometimes it’s necessary to copy data from the SD card to a hard drive frequently when traveling for several days. There are some product I owned for this scenario, like My Passport Wireless Pro. But none of them are good enough. Take that WD disk for example, it is very slow, with bad app, and the worst thing is the built-in battery. Many designers didn’t consider that how to take their products on a plane.

Finally, I decide to build a Raspberry Pi with all tools and scripts I need inside.

This is the script for copying data from SD card to a USB disk. It is tested with Ubuntu 20.04.1 ARM64 version on Raspberry Pi 4.

Before using this script, you need to prepare your disk for saving data for creating a folder named Target. Of cause, the file system of the partition should be writable on your device.

You can change the folder settings by editing the # define block.

  • MountPoint settings are the paths used in this script.
  • TargetFolder is the path as the target folder. The partition contains this folder will be detected as target. Default value is “/Target”.
  • SourceTestFolder is the folder for detecting as source. Note: All files, not only within this folder, will be copied. Default value is “/DCIM”. All SD cards from DC and drone should contain this folder.

To use this script, you need to connect your target disk and sd card to your device (mounting is not required) and run this script. Both source and target will be detected automatically and a name of the sub folder will be asked. Then all files from the source will be copy to the sub folder you inputted in the TargetFolder of the target disk. The files on the sd will NOT be deleted after copying.

If an argument is provided, the value will be used as the sub folder.

Source is licensed under MIT license. Click here to get it.