Solved: Handoff problem with iOS 8 and OSX 10.10

As a developer, I’ve tested OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) and iOS 8 for a long time. There was a strange issue after I reset my OSX:

When I try to make a call from OSX, the calling box will be closed after 10 sec without any information in OSX 10.10 DP4. In DP5, it will say that “Your iPhone is not configu…”. Also, no SMS can be sent from OSX either. But when typing message on iOS, there will be an icon displayed on the left side of Dock in OSX.

Finally, I know the reason.

We know that the account name is one email address. And you can add more email addresses as alias. The problem of the current version of iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 is: if you used the email address for Facetime and iMessage is different from the one used in iCloud for OSX, no matter these email addresses are linked to the same iCloud account or not, the handoff function won’t work, just like the situation I mentioned above.

Before Apple fix this bug, we have to use the same email address for these place.

This issue is submitted to Apple.



VPN会在屏幕锁定后自动断开,且不会自动恢复。导致一些Exchange PushMail由于连接至企业的VPN被断开而无效果。

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64bit world, without windows phone sync

From Office 2010, native x64 version is included. The funny thing is, if you install an x64 version of Outlook into your windows, no matter windows xp (x64), vista (x64) or win7(x64), you just cannot synchronize the data between Outlook and your windows phones.

It seems that ActiveSync(xp) and Windows Mobile Device Center(vista and win7) cannot recognize the x64 version of Outlook. And, the x64 version Outlook cannot be installed on the operation system which contains any x86 office components.

If you need to sync your windows phones with outlook, you have to install the 32bit office.