Fix Catalina Beta boot cache problem (Little Snitch related)

If your app need to modify boot caches on macos, like Little Snitch, it may fail on macos Catalina beta version after macos updated from Software Update due to system bug.


Some app, like Little Snitch, need to update boot caches while installing. But due to bug introduced by Software Update of Catalina beta, it may fail. After reboot, you will get an error like “version mismatched” reported by Little Snitch.


To fix that, you need to boot into the recovery mode (CMD+R while booting), unlock your hard disk if you enabled FileVault, start Terminal from menu and enter:

touch /Volumes/<Volume>/System/Library/Extensions

and press enter. <Volume> is your hard disk volume. You can use ls /Volumes to check all mounted volumes.

This command will finish very fast. After it run, wait about 10 seconds and restart your computer. This will fix the boot cache problem.