Zeroshell Testing Report

I’ve used?Zeroshell (linux based router, free) for more than 1 year.

Many advanced?features are tested like vpn, load balancing, multi ppp and so on. I’ve installed it on several environment like physical pc, esx vm, vmware server vm and NET5501 hardware.

Here are somethings to share.


1 Free with web gui.

2 Powerful.

3 Multi ppp is supported.

4 OpenVPN is supported natively.

5 Net Balancer with plenty rules.

Need to?be improved:

1 Provide a way to install to harddisk / cf / usb like a installer,?instead of using dd.

2 Make it easier to control the native services in Net Balancer. For example, if you enable Net Balancer, the DDNS and VPN is not easy to config, even not possible to. Create a virtual network to running those services?may be helpful.

3 VPN Lan-to-lan seems not stable. I’ve tested to link 2 routers powered by zeroshell. One is in China Mainland, another is in USA. Link drops every 30 secs… not usable at all.

4 Yes, maybe the 2nd and 3rd are not problems but the best practices are?not documented, please make more documents.

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