Work through: Upgrade vSphere 5.5 to 6

This is a record for upgrading vSphere 5.5 to 6. In this scenario, database for vCenter is a powered by SqlServer on a dedicated server.


Phase 1: Prepare

  • Before upgrading, something need to be ready.
  • Password of vCenter domain account.
  • Password of vCenter SSO.
  • ISO files for vCenter and ESXi. These files should be tested by checking MD5 or SHA hash codes.
  • License Keys. vCenter and ESXi keys can be gotten from VMware site by upgrading the currents.
  • vCenter server and databases should be backed up.
  • vSphere Update Manager Client (not server side) and vSphere Client should be uninstalled.


Phase 2: Upgrade vCenter

Mount the ISO of vCenter and perform the upgrading. Passwords of SSO and account will be required by this process.

The current instance of vCenter will be detected by setup program and all settings will be preserved. Current settings will be exported and will be imported automatically but not be removed after.

This step will need more than 1 hour.

At the end of this process, the post upgrade steps will be prompted including entering new license key and deleting the exported setting folder. You have to wait several minutes for web client service initializing. This is a good time for upgrading Update Manager Server and PowerCLI.


Phase 3: Install vSphere Client

Install vSphere Client and Update Manager Extension. If database error is occurred in extension installing, you need to check the account for running the VMware vSphere Update Manager Service. It should be a domain account but will be replaced to system account by setup process incorrectly.


Phase 4: Upgrade VM tools

You have to upgrade all VM tools one by one.

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